Philetta BD254U special edition "gold"

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The Philetta is in absolutely top condition. Itīs near 100% like out of the fab. All of the tubes are original Valvo (original assembly of Philips!!). Even the lamps for the scale are orig. Philips. Output tube is an UL41 (Rimlock), the predecessor type of the EL84.


Grommes 10PG

grommes1.jpg (506305 Byte) grommes2.jpg (224603 Byte) grommes3.jpg (235705 Byte) grommes4.jpg (110199 Byte) grommes5.jpg (118776 Byte) grommes6.jpg (126183 Byte)

Here you can see my Grommes 10PG, which also is in TOP-condition. It REALLY looks like that it has come out of the fab last week!!! The only things are the copied knob for the input selector (RIAA input format) and the lost knob of the switch for the rumble filter. I will try to look if I (perhaps) can build a new/better knob the next time.



IMG_1585.JPG (95983 Byte) IMG_1586.JPG (126077 Byte) IMG_1587.JPG (92091 Byte)

The 3CX1500D3 is a big power triode for use in industrial RF-applications with a max plate dissipation of 1,5kW. Frequency range is up to 110 MHz (there are other versions of this tube for FM-transmitting). Heating of the tube is rated with 6,3V@25A. Even the grid dissipation of the tube is about 75 watts. If you want more information about this tube click HERE. There is a little mistake at the Eimac homepage; itīs the weight of the tube, which is "only" about 3lbs (1,4kg) ;-).

Two pieces of this tube in push-pull AB!? ;-) = +


Iīll update this page from time to time (Grundig 5040W, Schaub Lorenz Savoy 20, AEG Tambour 68 (stereo-version with 2x ECL86, but stereo only for external phono) and Philetta BD283U will follow soon).

last update -> 03/04/05